In case you missed it, State Senator John Lee wrote a piece for the Las Vegas Sun today titled, “Putting the community in Nevada’s community colleges.” His article can be read here:

I think Senator Lee did an excellent job with this piece and as a current student of the NSHE, I wanted to add my thoughts to his piece. First, I think my previous article: does a good job in critiquing the current approach of Administrators in our schools. Senator Lee does an excellent job of conveying this same concern with the management of the system of higher education.

Like Senator Lee, I too have been disappointed with the unwillingness of the Nevada Board of Regents to apparently even look outside of funding, for improvements in education. The most recent tuition increases on all NSHE students is a perfect example of this. I’d also like to throw out the question of how many of these Regents or Administrators currently spend time in the classroom? And how much?

Although I don’t think I necessarily agree with all of Senator Lee’s proposals for the NSHE, I believe they all need to be seriously considered. I think everyone can agree that what is currently happening with the education system in NV is not working, and funding is not the issue. At this point, we don’t need to make minor changes to the system, we need to go the other direction and run! My kudos to Senator Lee for his efforts.

What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment and Thanks for reading!