Congratulations to Michael McDonald on becoming the new chairman of the Nevada Republican Party. In case you missed it, McDonald won his bid this past weekend beating out Washoe County Chairman Dave Buell. I think both gentlemen will do well in continuing to serve the Nevada Republican Party.

However, what will be difference this time around? The State Chairman position changes almost as quickly as the weather it seems. What needs to happen in order to see some stability at this position?

In my opinion it is a multi-tiered process. First the state party has to come together under the new leadership of McDonald. How he does this is up to him, but for the party to be most effective as a whole rather than the many parts currently, unity has to occur. Next, a major focus has to be on recruiting and retaining volunteers. And obviously to pay for all of this, there has to be a focus on fundraising.

If I was looking to increase stability at that position, I would recommend it become a paid position. It should also clearly be a pay-for-performance model. I think this would entice newer younger blood to run for that position and stay for longer periods of time. This stability would be invaluable to the party. I’ve spoken with Mr. McDonald a number of times now, and it is my hope that he will become that stability that the Republicans so desperately need.

What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment and Thanks for reading.